Safe Haven’s Forced Entry/Ballistic Resistant Hardened Mobile Command Units


Safe Haven has extensive experience in the construction and deployment of fully capable DOS-certified 60-minute Forced Entry/Ballistic Resistant Hardened Mobile Command units.

The capabilities of our units include custom outfitting of some of the following systems and configurations:

• Amenities for a crew of up to 10 people for four days

• Mobility over unconsolidated roads

• Generator/Utility interface

• Chem-Bio Filtration Systems

• Security and sensor systems

• Climate controlled shirt sleeve environment

• Military run flat tires

• RF and Sound Attenuation

• Communications backbone with individual workstations

• Fully functional sanitation system

• Fire and Smoke Detection

• Interior and exterior lighting

• Hydraulic Leveling Systems

• Interchangeable towing systems


Safe Haven can engineer your mobile command center to your specifications and needs.

• Safe Haven’s Mobile Command Unit withstood actual explosive devices and full combat conditions.

• Maximum Protection

• FE/BR: Hardened Chiller and Generator added to units.

• Enclosed Foyer: withstood actual RPG fire aimed directly at Safe Haven certified entrance door.

• Escape hatch