About Us

Our Leadership

Alta Baker, President and CEO of Safe Haven Enterprises, LLC was the winner of the Louisiana Board of Commerce and Louisiana Economic Development’s 2002 Lantern Award for her leadership, dedication, and commitment to excellence. Alta is active on the local, state, and national levels. She is a leading advocate on behalf of women-owned businesses. She serves on the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council’s (WBENC) Board of Directors and is the Past Chair of its National Women’s Enterprise Leadership Forum. She demonstrates outstanding leadership in providing and expanding opportunities for women-owned businesses. Alta works tirelessly to assist other women business owners to build their capacity to meet the demands of the marketplace.

Our Story

Founded in 1998, Safe Haven was established to provide an unprecedented level of protection to personnel and property.

Alta Baker, founder and CEO of Safe Haven Enterprises, LLC, says, “Running with the rest of my team during a petrochemical hazardous gas release, I wished there was a shelter for protection. Our team ran and escaped the hazardous release. Six months later, my team and I watched as a water spout moved toward our work site once again with no shelter in place. This time we climbed into the structural piping of a live benzene unit and tied off until the winds died down. It was then that I knew protection was needed to save lives. Physical protection has become my business and my passion.

The first fire and blast resistant modular building (BRM) was positive pressurized and was used to protect my team while working in a petrochemical facility. This unit never left the facility and is still in the control building today. In June of 2013, one of our BRM’s was located in the William’s Olefins facility in Gonzales, Louisiana during a major blast and fire. All of the employees were evacuated except ten men in the SafeHaven control building. These men were safe and able to shut down the facility while performing controlled burns. This is not the first time a Safe Haven building or modular unit has been in a blast or fire. SafeHaven buildings and units are located worldwide. Our buildings are doing their job providing protection in petrochemical facilities, on offshore platforms and in war zones.

Safe Haven research and development soon began designs for offshore platform living quarters, lavatories and safety shelters in place that would withstand hurricane or tornado force winds, fires and blasts with positive pressurization for gas release situations. These buildings are U.S. Coast Guard certified, ABS approved and DNV certified. These buildings can be found throughout the Gulf of Mexico and on fuel barges around New York. All Safe Haven buildings are fully functional and ready for immediate occupation complete with Safe Haven  blast resistant doors.

Realizing Safe Haven  could provide protection for our men and women in service to our country, I immediately began a Department of State Diplomatic Security approval process for Forced Entry/Ballistic Resistant (FE/BR) products with blast protection that includes buildings, doors, windows and louvers. The first project was at the U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem. Today, Safe Haven FE/BR products are located at U.S. Embassies and U.S. Consulates worldwide. With over twelve certified products and services, Safe Haven fully supports war zones with buildings and mobile command centers. It was under fire in a war zone that Safe Haven’s door surpassed all expectations by withstanding RPG fire at close range without penetration.

The Port Of New York recently installed U.S. Department of State certified Safe Haven® doors in two tunnels to protect pump areas. Installed before Hurricane Sandy, these doors provided the protection required.

The need for safety and security has reached heightened levels worldwide. Safe Haven is a complete, rapid deployment turn-key manufacturer. There is no project too large or too small. New levels of protection are required for every area today including schools, mission critical protective building systems, banks, hospitals and doors to protect mechanical rooms as well as safe rooms in homes.”

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